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Birth Information Cards

Among the assets of the Fredericksburg Circuit Court Archives is a collection of 3"x5" cards with birth information. Included in the information are names of children and their parents, names of delivering doctors and midwives, dates of birth of children and their parents, places of birth of children and their parents, occupations of fathers, current residence as well as previous residences and number of children (living, dead and still-born) for the parents.

All information is not on all cards. Some cards have minimal information.

The cards are of unknown provenance and are not to be taken as official records. Notes on the backs of some cards support the possibility that the information was gathered by Public Health officials upon the creation of the Virginia Bureau of Vital Statistics in 1912.

Birth information can be searched by child, father, mother, doctor/midwife or year of birth on the Birth Information Search page

Disclaimer: Data provided by Historic Court Records is not official and is provided by the Historic Court Records site for genealogical and historical research purposes only. All data contained herein should be verified by obtaining a copy of the original record.

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