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Mayor's Court Order Books
Order Book 1821 - 1822
Order Book 1822 - 1825
Order Book 1826 - 1828
Order Book 1828 - 1835

Mayor's Court - a court "... in which the mayor sits with the powers of a police judge or committing magistrate in respect to offenses committed within the city (e.g. traffic or ordinance violations) and sometimes with civil jurisdiction in small causes ... " (Black's Law Dictionary, Fifth Edition)

Only the four order books listed herein are known to exist for the Fredericksburg Mayor's Court.

Fredericksburg's Mayor's Court activities typically included qualifying the Councilmen and officers of the Corporation, issuing warrants for violations of local ordinances, hearing evidence against those who violated local ordinances & keeping a record of executions issued by the court and of fines and fees paid.

All names, and context for each name (defendant, plaintiff, slave, etc.), in the Mayor's Court Order Book extracts have been indexed and are available in the Mayor's Court Order Book Database Search.

Disclaimer: Data provided by Historic Court Records is not official and is provided by the Historic Court Records site for genealogical and historical research purposes only. All data contained herein should be verified by obtaining a copy of the original record.

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